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    Type S Contactors

    Available in NEMA size 00-7

    Used to switch heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors where overload protection is separately provided

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    Type S Contactors
    • Features

      Class 8502 and Class 8702 Type S magnetic contactors are used to switch heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors where overload protection is separately provided. Type S contactors are available in NEMA Sizes 00-7 and are designed for operation at 600 Volts maximum.

      • A normally open holding circuit contact for three wire control is provided as standard.
      • Sizes 00-2 contactors use a Class 9999 SX11 auxiliary contact as the holding circuit contact.
      • Sizes 3-7 contactors use a Class 9999 SX6 auxiliary contact as the holding circuit contact.
      • On Size 00-1 single phase contactors, a power pole is used as the holding circuit contact and has the same rating as the power contacts.
      • Class 8502 magnetic contactors are available in a wide variety of the following enclosures:
        • NEMA Type 1 General Purpose
        • NEMA Type 4 & 4X Watertight and Dusttight Stainless Steel
        • NEMA Type 4X Watertight, Dusttight, and Corrosion Resistant Glass — Polyester
        • NEMA Type 7 & 9 Bolted and Spin-Top for Hazardous Locations
        • NEMA Type 12 Dusttight and Driptight for Industrial Use
      • AC coils are available for application on 50-60 Hertz.
      • 600Vac and 810A continuous current rated maximum
      • NEMA Sizes 00-5 are supplied with coils that are designed to operate satisfactorily on line voltages of 85% – 110% of rated voltage
      • NEMA Sizes 5, 6 and 7 contactors are supplied with a DC coil operated by a solid state rectifier circuit that is powered by an AC source.
      • For flexibility field-installable or factory modified accessories include auxiliary contacts, power poles, and cover mounted control stations
      • Bellcrank design promotes superior electrical and mechanical life


      • Customizable with hundreds of combinations of contactors, starters, combination starters, pump panels, two-speed starters, reduced- voltage starters, enclosure options, and accessories
      • Robust design and reliable build for long mechanical life and electrical endurance
      • Serviceable by replacing contacts and coils rather than replacing the entire product; simply service the part that is worn out.
      • Simple catalog number for easy and fast ordering


      • Construction
      • Infrastructure
      • Industrial Markets
      • Commercial Office Buildings
      • Building Automation