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RL- Series Enclosed Load Break Switch

This is a legacy product

This Product is Obsolete

Robust enclosed group operated switch with a puffer type arc interruption mechanism for medium voltage electrical distribution networks. Provides the latest protection technology in a highly reliable, low-maintenance Load Break Switch (LBS).

RL- Series Enclosed Load Break Switch
  • Features

    The RL Series LBS is a gas-insulated three phase switch/sectionalizer with built in voltage and current measurement. The switch can either be mechanically operated with a hook stick or automatically operated with a motor-driven mechanism. Extremely short arcing times (within half a cycle) plus tulip-type contacts with arc-resistant material ensure a long switching life and extended short circuit making capability.

    • Rated voltages: 15kV, 27kV and 38kV
    • Rated short-circuit current: up to 16kA
    • Rated load current: up to 630A
    • 316 grade stainless steel tank
    • Bare terminal on fully insulated bushing arrangement
    • Latest technology in SF6 arc interruption
    • Choice of manual or automated operation
    • 10,000 operations

    RL-Series FA Model is a fully automated sectionalizer. This switch is sold with the ADVC-2 Controller Range.

    Controller features include:
    Protection, monitoring, metering, control, communications, and power quality.


    MV pole mounted sectionalizer / load break switch

    • Improve SAIDI and SAIFI indices by automatically reducing outages
    • Defer capital works by offering features that reduce network stresses
    • Easily integrated into Smart Grid applications with advanced capabilities such as Loop Automation and Automatic Changeover
    • Flexible applications from complex substation or standalone pole mounted through powerful automation and communication features
    • Automatic isolation of permanent faults
    • Reliable switching in enclosed chamber


    The RL series load break switch can be utilized as a manually operated load-break switch or a fully automated sectionalizer. Some popular applications for the RL are as normally-open tie points. 6 phases of voltage sensing as well as 3 integrated CTs make the RL switch ideal for feeder automation or simply as additional SCADA points for system reporting granularity.


    • RL-Series application
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