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    Multi 9

    Multistandard protection

    A comprehensive range to protect against electrical threats, including short circuits, overloads, and earth leakages.

    Multi 9
    • Features

      Multi 9 is a range of DIN rail modular devices, a solution offering great performance.
      Multi 9 range is a Schneider Electric global offer dedicated to equipment manufacturers (OEMs), meeting all global standards for industry applications.
      Designed to meet your needs for all types of machines and offering a wide range of modular devices, it provides protection, signaling functions, and accessories.

      Miniature circuit breakers
      UL + IEC/EN 60947-2 + other standards
      C60BP – branch protection
      C60BPR - branch protection dedicated to ring terminal
      C60SP – supplementary protection
      C60H-DC - supplementary protection dedicated to direct current
      IEC/EN 60947-2
      C60N, C60H and C60L (10 to 25 kA breaking capacity)
      C60CTRL to protect control circuit
      N40N – 18mm phase and neutral MCB
      Residual current devices - Ground fault protection
      UL1053 + EN/IEC 61008
      GFP - ground Fault Protector UL 1053
      Residual current circuit breaker and Add-on residual current devices
      RCCB ID - residual current circuit breaker
      RCCB ID (B type) - residual current circuit breaker with direct current detection
      Vigi C60 – residual current device add-on for C60
      Vigi N40 – residual current device add-on for N40N
      N40 Vigi - residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection
      Accessories and auxiliaries
      Multi 9 auxiliaries
      Multi 9 accessories
      Comb busbars
      Linergy DS Screw distribution blocks


      With its wide range, new performances and the multiple choices of field-installable accessories, Multi 9 allows you to adapt easily to any configuration, any time.
      Multi 9 fits perfectly in Schneider Electric solutions, allowing you to build your panel with the global specialist in energy management and automation.
      Every product in the range has a single global part number, simplicity starts with full availability. We guarantee our products will be available. You order. We ship, worldwide.
      Optimized : Small footprint to reduce your panel size, cost effective, less commercial references.
      Available worldwide : Sold everywhere under the same commercial reference.
      Renowned quality : World leader’s proven technology and experience. Benefits to be completed


      The Multi 9 offer complies with UL489, UL1077, IEC, CCC, or CSA.
      Multi 9 is suitable for most Industrial applications and specifically designed for OEMs and control Panel Builders in the following segments :
      Crane & Hoisting
      Semiconductor Industry