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Power-Zone 4

Low Voltage Drawout Switchgear with Masterpact Circuit Breakers

ANSI rated to provide superior electrical distribution, protection, and power management in a space-efficient footprint. Masterpact NT/NW drawout power circuit breakers, deliver maximum up time, system selectivity, ease of maintenance, and reliable circuit protection.

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Power-Zone 4
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    Power-Zone 4 Low Voltage, Metal-Enclosed, Drawout Switchgear with Masterpact NW and NT Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers (Version 1.0) 12/13/17 English 6037CT9901.pdf2.6 MB
    Power-Zone®; III Series 2 Low Voltage Metal-Enclosed Drawout Switchgear (Version 1.0) 9/16/17 English 6035CT9201.pdf315.6 KB
    Digest Catalog 11: Switchboards and Switchgear (Version 1.8) 1/16/19 English 0100CT1501_SEC-11.pdf2.4 MB 0100CT1501_SEC-11_ViewOnline.htm219 B
    User guide
    Enhancing Short Circuit Selective Coordination with LV Circuit Breakers (Version 1) 12/13/17 English 0100DB0403.pdf568.2 KB
    Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant Switchgear (Version 1.0) 11/9/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-180-03.pdf2 MB
    Empty Compartment Kit Installation Using Masterpact® NW/MTZ2/MTZ3 Circuit Breakers for Power-Zone® 4 Switchgear and Power-Style QED-6 Switchboards (Version 1.0) 11/9/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-022-06.pdf186.5 KB
    Empty Compartment Kit Installation Using Masterpact NT/MTZ1 Circuit Breakers for Power-Zone 4 Switchgear and Power-Style QED-6 Switchboards (Version 1.0) 11/9/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-022-07.pdf216.1 KB
    Primary High Current Injection (Version 1.0) 11/9/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80043-703-02.pdf2.4 MB
    Power-Zone 4, Low Voltage, Metal-Enclosed, Rear Accessible, Drawout Switchgear with Masterpact (NW/NT/MTZ1, 2, 3) Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers (Version 1.0) 11/9/18 English,  Spanish,  French 80298-002-08.pdf8.1 MB
    Data Bulletin
    Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) Systems and Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) Switches in Electrical Distribution Systems (Version 2.0) 10/27/16 English 0100DB1017R0516.pdf218.8 KB
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