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Harmony 16 mm XB6/ZB6 Plastic Push Buttons

16 mm XB6/ZB6 plastic monolithic and modular push buttons, selector switches, and pilot lights

Part of Harmony

The Harmony16 mm XB6 push button range is specifically designed for applications where the surface area is restricted. The XB6 range combines simplicity of setup and flexibility and has an IP 65 degree of protection for use in all types of applications.

Harmony 16 mm XB6/ZB6 Plastic Push Buttons
  • Catalog
    Harmony™ XB6/ZB6 16 mm Push Buttons (Version 1.0) 5/31/11 English 9001CT1102.pdf4 MB
    Harmony XB6 and XB6E , ф 16 - catalog (Version 2.1) 5/13/18 English DIA5ED2130406EN.pdf6.3 MB
    Emergency stop pushbuttons safety catalog (Version 1.0) 4/27/15 English DIA5ED2150501EN.pdf6 MB
    CAD for ZB6DA2: black rectang flush pushbutton head Ø16 spring return unmarked (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6DD24: black rectangular selector switch head Ø16 2-position spring return (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6DF9: rectang flush illuminated pushbutton head Ø16 latching with 6 coloured caps (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6DGS: rectangular selector switch head Ø16 3-position spring return Ronis 200 (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6E1E: single contact block for head Ø16 1NO gold flashed faston connector (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6EM3B: green light block with body/fixing collar with integral LED 230...240V (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
    CAD for ZB6Z4B: single contact block with body/fixing collar 2NC faston connector (Version 1.0) 4/11/19 all
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