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Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation

Medium Voltage Unit Substations

A complete range of unit substations with medium voltage (MV) vacuum circuit breaker primary protection and cast, dry, or liquid filled transformers. We offer a wide range of low voltage (LV) switchboard or switchgear secondaries to meet your application needs.

Compact Unit Substations

Model III Package Unit Substations Schneider Eletric Square D Picture

Model III Package Unit Substations

Model III unit substations offer compact construction and efficiency for buildings that need to maximize the use of space without sacrificing performance. Model III combines three proven Schneider Electric products into an integrated package to maximize the use of space while providing a complete substation solution. Available from 2.4kV to 13.8KV primary voltages and 75kVA to 1000kVA transformer ratings. Model III is ideal for the increased electrical demands of renovations as well as new construction.

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Unit Substations

Medium Voltage Unit Substations Schneider Eletric Square D Picture

Medium Voltage Unit Substations

Customizable unit substations with primary voltage classes up to 38kV and secondary voltage class starting 5kV and below. Utilize Schneider Electric’s wide range of choices on all parts of each substation application. Choose from Schneider Electric’s expansive ranges of breakers and fusible switches on the primary, dry type and liquid filled transformers, and medium and low voltage equipment options on the secondary based on specific needs. Schneider Electric unit substations offer the flexibility to suit the most demanding applications.

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