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Critical Power, Cooling and Racks

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are essential to ensure you have continuous power during a power outage. From a small UPS to save and shut down your PC, to large commercial systems that power large data centers or critical systems in hospitals, we have the solutions you and your customers demand.

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase

Galaxy VX

Highly efficient 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes<br> 500 to 1500kVA. Featuring ultra-efficient ECOnversion mode

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Galaxy VM

Highly efficient 160 -1125kVA -480V and 160 -1000kVA 400V 3 phase UPS power protection that seamlessly integrates into medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications. Trusted partner for your business continuity

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Galaxy 5000

40-130kVA 3 phase UPS power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities applications. Designed for Maximum Configuration

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Galaxy 3500

10-40kVA compact 3 phase UPS power protection with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments. Performance UPS power for critical applications

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Symmetra PX

10-500kVA -480V and 16-500kVA -400V high performance, right-sized, modular, scalable, 3 phase UPS power protection with ultra high availability and efficiency for any size data center or high density power zone. The right-sized UPS for demanding business critical applications

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Smart-UPS VT

Effective 10-40kVA 3 phase UPS power protection against downtime and data loss for mission critical applications. Over 10 million installed - now available in three-phase

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Gutor PXC

10-100 kVA high performance, compact, pre- engineered 3 phase UPS for light and heavy industrial applications. Industrial UPS engineering simplified

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Symmetra MW

400 -1600kVA ultra energy efficient, modular, scalable, 3 phase UPS power protection with industry-leading performance for large data centers and mission-critical environments. Think big, think scalable - The world's largest modular UPS. FINAL SALE NOTICE

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Galaxy VS

Highly efficient 20 to 100kVA (400V/480V) and 10 to 50kVA (208V) 3-phase UPS for edge, small, and medium data centers and other business-critical applications. Increased availability. Reduced operating costs. First class power protection for critical infrastructure.

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Gutor Industrial UPS and Power Conversion

Computer and Peripheral

Network and Server

UPS Management

UPS Replacement Batteries

Special Applications