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Industrial Automation and Control

Contactors & Protection Relays

As the largest selling line of contactors in the world, TeSys range offers high reliability with long mechanical and electric life with the full complete line of accessories for motor and load control. TeSys Contactors are available for both IEC and NEMA applications and certified by major standards around the world.

NEMA Contactors and Overload Relays

IEC Contactors and Overload Relays

TeSys T Motor Management System

Advanced motor management system for critical processes. TeSys T is an advanced and green motor management system. When used with a short circuit protection device and a contactor, TeSys T will provide full motor monitoring, control and protection for electrical motors.

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TeSys LRD Overload Relays

Thermal overload relays up to 140A. TeSys LRD bimetallic overload relays directly mount to TeSys D Contactors to form extremely compact starters.

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TeSys H Compact Motor Starter

Ultra-compact, multifunctional starter for asynchronous motors. Greater motor starter integration

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TeSys D Contactors

Available up to 150A for AC3 and 200A for AC1 applications. TeSys D contactors are available in 13 contactor ratings for inductive motor applications up to 150 full-load amps and resistive loads up to 200 amps.

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TeSys F Contactors

Available up to 800A for AC3 and 2100A for AC1 applications. TeSys F offers high reliability with a long mechanical and electrical life and the most complete line of accessories in the industry.

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TeSys K Miniature Contactors

Available up to 12A for AC3 and 20A for AC1 applications. TeSys K miniature contactors and overload relays are available in 3 contactor ratings for the USA market for inductive motor applications up to 12 full-load amps and resistive loads up to 20 amps.

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TeSys LR2K Overload Relays

Bimetallic overload relays from 0.1 to 14A. LR2K bimetallic overload relays are reliable and directly mount to TeSys K miniature contactors.

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TeSys U Combination Motor Starter

Self-protected combination motor starter. TeSys U is a self-protected combination motor starter that is simple to select, simple to install and simple to use.

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TeSys LR9 Overload Relays

Electronic Overload Relays from 0.1 to 630 amps. TeSys LR9D and LR9F electronic overload relays provide simple, flexible and reliable motor protection.

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Definite Purpose Contactors