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Give Your Home a Voice

Wiser Energy system installs in your home's electrical panel and provides real-time home energy usage, notifications when devices turn on or off, and goals to track savings. Using the Square D™ version of the Sense app, keep tabs on your home anywhere, from your phone.
  • Wiser Energy System

    Complete system includes Wi-Fi antenna, power cables, mounting bracket, and installation guide

  • Wiser Energy System

    Easy installation into your home's electrical panel*, and takes minutes to set up the app

    *by a licensed electrician

  • Wiser Energy System

    24/7 real-time access to see your home energy usage, track savings, and set energy goals with easy-to-use app

  • Is your home trying to tell you something?

    See how the Wiser Energy™ system monitors the electricity in your home, helping you manage your power usage and solar generation.

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Monitor your home at any time from anywhere with our easy-to-use app. It’s all about comfort and peace of mind.

Our simple, powerful app puts home in the palm of your hand.

Want proof of promised energy savings? Answer your energy usage questions with Wiser Energy system.

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    Monitor money savings

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    Optimize your solar system

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    24/7 access, real-time data

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    Get notified with instant alerts

Since you can connect to the Wiser Energy system app anytime, anywhere, you can rest easier knowing that everything electrical is functioning safely at home. Add the Wiser Energy system today and start living Wiser.

  • Easy Installation Installing Wiser Energy system is simple, quick, and straightforward

    Once the Wiser Energy system unit is installed in your home's electrical panel by a certified electrician, setting up the Sense app (Square D edition) only takes minutes. Then you'll have real-time access to your electrical use, 24/7. Over time, through crowd sourcing and using machine learning, the app senses electrical activity and identifies your electronics. Once your electronics are identified, you'll have crystal clear insight into your energy use. Now your home has a voice!

    NOTE: Contact a licensed electrical contractor to install Wiser Energy system.

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