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Video: How do I add the TM5SPS3 power supply to a SoMachine V4.3 application?
Tutorial for adding the TM5SPS3 24v Power distribution module for CANopen interface module and I/O module to a SoMachine 4.3 application automatically...
Video: Measuring Memory Consumption on M221 with SoMachine Basic
Tutorial for checking the project memory consumption of a Modicon M221 using SoMachine Basic.  
Video: Forcing a digital controller output in SoMachine
Issue: How to force a digital output in SoMachine? Product Line: SoMachine Resolution: This video shows how to force a digital ouput on a controller...
Video: What would cause Modicon M221 "Gateway Not Running" error on login?
The reason for this is the SoMachine Basic Communications Gateway Service is not enabled. To turn on you have to go to the Services control panel,...
Video: How to connect the SoMachine and the Vijeo Designer simulators?
This video demonstrates how to setup communication with SoMachine and Vijeo Designer simulators.
Video: Setting Persistent Variables with the Modicon M221 in SoMachine Basic
The video demonstrates how to set up persistent variables and save them in the memory words of SoMachine Basic.  
Video: How to setup Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with a SoMachine HMISCU HMI/Controller using SoMachine V4.3
This video provides a demonstration of the process to configure PWM with SoMachine v4.1.
Video: How do I create a multidimensional array using SoMachine v4.3
Tutorial for creating a multi-dimensional array using SoMachine v4.3.  
Video: How to Import a Twido program into a Modicon M221
Below is a video tutorial on taking a Twido program with file extensions .twd, .xar, and .xpr and importing it into SoMachine Basic.  
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