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Are the covers of a Q22200NRB and QOM22225NRB similar in construction?

Product Design features

Product Line:
Q2 and QOM2 Circuit breaker enclosures

Enclosure covers

There are differences in the general constuction of these circuit breaker enclosure covers.
The Q22200NRB cover is a solid piece construction. The cover must be opened to access the Q2L circuit breaker operating handle. There is an interior dead front trim covering the Q2L circuit breaker frame, exposing only the Q2L operating handle. The cover can be padlocked closed, preventing access to the Q2L circuit breaker.

The QOM22225NRB cover consists of two primary pieces, an overall metal cover and a smaller, Noryl thermoplastic cover, which is mounted to the metal cover. Only the Noryl cover needs to be opened to access the QOM2 circuit breaker operating handle. No interior trim is used with this construction. Opening the metal cover will access the enclosures interior and give full access to the QOM2 circuit breaker frame. Both the metal cover and the Noryl cover can be padlocked closed.

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