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What are the catalog numbers for a single pole FJA I-Line circuit breakers for an I-Line panelboard?

Looking for part number for 1-pole Powerpact FJ I-line breakers for I-line panel.  

Product line:  
Molded case circuit breakers

Powerpact FJA I-line circuit breakers

They are available from 15A up to 70A.  

FJA14015( )
FJA14020( )
FJA14025( )
FJA14030( )
FJA14035( )
FJA14040( )
FJA14045( )
FJA14050( )
FJA14060( )
FJA14070( )

Complete the part numbers by adding to the end of the number:  
1 for A phase connection
3 for B phase connection
5 for C phase connection

For example, an FJA140151 would be a 1-pole, 15 A breaker to connect to the A leg of an I-line panel.  
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