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Why won`t the unit start if there is a jumper on LI1 to +24 and a speed pot set above zero speed?

The unit wont` automatically start when wired like this because the way it is designed for 2-wire control operation.  Run (forward or reverse) and stop are controlled by the same logic input.  State 1is run state, state 0 is stop.  On power up, on a manual fault reset, or after a stop command, the motor can only be powered after the ``forward``, ``reverse``, and ``DC injection stop`` commands have been reset.

A work around solution would be to go to the drC menu and set Atr to YES.  It will then start with the described wiring scheme.  Additionally, this will start automatically when ever power is applied if LI1 is 1 and thus a reset is not necessary.

link to manual attached (find under logic input function section)

CTA-ID : 2001208
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