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Can the operating handle of a LA400AWK circuit breaker enclosure be padlocked in either the OFF or ON position and can the cover be padlocked closed?

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Product line:  
Circuit breaker enclosures

Padlocking operating handle and cover



Lock OFF:
Provision to padlock the operating handle in the OFF position is standard on the LA400AWK enclosure.

(Subject to local code regulations - consult local authorities for interpretation BEFORE ordering or modifying)

Lock ON:
There are two methods to provide provisions to padlock the handle in the ON position 
(1) As a factory option on the LA400AWK, add the suffix SPLO to the standard catalog number. This provision will allow the customer to use one 3/8" maximum hasp padlock to lock the operating handle ON position. There is a price adder for the suffix 'SPLO'.
(2) For field modification, a 3/8" maximum hole can be drilled in the Lockoff Slider plate to allow the handle to be locked in the ON position. Paint any metal areas exposed from drilling using the ANSI49 Gray touch up paint PK49SP.

The enclosure cover has a bracket welded on the right side edge, that lines up with a slotted hole at the bottom of the lockplate(mounted on the box side), that will allow the cover to be padlocked closed. 
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