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What would cause an Altivar 66 drive`s keypad to malfuction and display a Keypad Link Fault when the VW3A66901T memory card is installed?

If no memory card is used, see Resolution 9400.

A problem was identified with a range of PCMCIA memory cards and the conditions mentioned may occur on devices manufactured between 0217 (April 21st, 2002) and 0235 (August 25, 2002); with the later dates being more likely. As of August 29th, 2002, this was only tested on control board firmware V3.2IE12. But as this is suspected to be a hardware error in the PCMCIA card, it should occur in other versions as well.

When the card is insert into the MCB`s slot, the keypad immediately becomes unusable and after a few seconds it shows a Link Fault. On a size 6 drive, the motor stops and the precharge contactor drops out; this probably happens on other sizes as well. This condition is not related to whether a user is storing or loading a parameter set.

If power is removed, the card is removed, and then power is reapplied, the unit will come up properly and function as intended.

If users run across this on the affected product range, they should return the memory card as a warranty claim using standard methods and channels.

CTA-ID : 2003093
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