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Why does a TRX style ATV58 have something earlier than version 5.1 firmware installed in the control board?

During late July and early August 2002, manufacturing had an issue where some ATV58 drives were manufactured and shipped with the TRX label on the door but the old software installed. All of the other labels and packaging indicate this is not a TRX drive. This means some TRX units are in the field but with v4.2 firmware (e.g., no analog output which was added with TRX) instead of the TRX v5.1 firmware.

When the problem was discovered, manufacturing tried to retrieve the items from stock but were unable to as they already shipped. Since this is not a safety issue (e.g., it functions as defined in v4.2), no recall is required. Additionally, none of these orders were shipped to fulfill any customer`s requirements for TRX drives. Therefore the company is not responsible to upgrade any of these units to v5.1.

Rather this may simply be a point of confusion in setting up and troubleshooting a unit.

Also added with v.5.1 which these units will not have are functions:
* RLS, run at last speed on loss of follower.
* RPG, RIG increase range on two PI parameters ( from .1 to 0.01)
* EDD, logic input assignable to an external fault. Stop mode selectable.
* TAd, Ldtd, logic outputs assignable t drive temperature alarm. Selectable alarm point is 0 to 118% of drive thermal state.

CTA-ID : 2002614
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