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What is the locked rotor current rating of the LC1K12 or LP1K12 contactors?

Locked rotor current rating for LC1K12 or LP1K12 contactors

Product Line: 
Contactors and Starter - IEC

Tesys K Contactors and Starters 

Locked Rotor ratings apply to devices tested and offered for definite purpose controls. The IEC products are tested to IEC Standards and carry short time ratings. The following are the permissible short time rating from cold start:
For 1 second, 115 amps.
For 5 seconds, 105 amps.
For 10 seconds, 100 amps.
For 30 seconds, 75 amps.
For 1 minute, 55 amps.
For 3 minutes, 50 amps.
For 15 minutes and greater, 25 amps.
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