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How is the Digital Operator Interface calibrated after any of the boards have been replaced?

After replacing devices associated with the DOI option, it may be necessary to re-calibrate the option. This is not always required but should be done if the user complains of sluggish speed response or oscillations in the automatic mode. If this type of operation is manifested, it is due to the fact volt per hertz (v/hz) curve in the DOI does not match the drive`s output.

To recalibrate the board`s v/hz curve:
Run the drive in one of the automatic modes (DOI, follower or link);
Run the drive at the following frequencies in an ascending fashion. At each point, let the drive run at the given frequency for a minute or until the speed operation appears to be stable.

After stabilizing it at 60 hz, repeat the process in descending order.

No save function is required.

This process may also have to be performed if the user made a considerable change to their maximum speed setting.

CTA-ID : 2000989
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