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What is the accuracy class and CT ratio for the GFM250, GFM100FA and GA375T?<br />

We have not certified these CT`s to an ``accuracy class`` which includes is an accuracy into a given burden. The GFM has both an internal current transformer (internal to the GFM module) and and external toroidal current transformer for the neutral on 4-wire systems. I would estimate the accuracy of the internal GFM to be 1 -3% at their nominal current and the external toroidal CT to be 1% both driving 0.2 ohm burdens. The ratio of both the GFM transformers is 650 turns. The GA375T when used with the GA Relay module is drives a very high burden. The GA375T would have a good accuracy driving a low burden (e.g. 1.0 ohms), however, used with the GA relay ( which is a high resistance burden) the accuracy class in very poor.

CTA-ID : 15020
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