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What does a "triple rating" mean in terms of an industrial control transformers voltage code? Example: 9070T250D1

Explain the term triple rating, in terms of an industrial control transformers voltage code.

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class 9070 Industrial Control Transformer

Triple rating on Industrial Control Transformers

A triple rating on the control transformer`s voltage code basically means that the transformer is designed to successfully operate at voltages slightly different than the nominal voltage at it`s full VA capacity. This is done to allow for different voltage systems that require the same voltage ratios, say 4:1 or 2:1. Units with triple ratings are clearly marked in the Digest 172 with the triple rating expressed on page 12-13.

Example: The 9070T250D1 is a triple rated voltage code unit that can supply 250VA with the following input voltages and the corresponding output:

Input: 240 or 480
Output: 120

Input: 230 or 460
Output: 115

Input: 220 or 440
Output: 110
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