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What Tenant Circuit Breakers can be used with a EZM314200 Meter Center?

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The EZM314200 is obsolete and replaced by the EZM314225.

The old EZM314200 Branch device used the Q2M, Q2M-VH or Q2MH, 100 through 200 ampere, tenant circuit breakers. Example Catalog Numbers for 200 ampere = Q2M2200, Q2M2200VH or Q2MH2200. The Q2M catalog numbers are Obsolete and have been replaced with the new powerpact Q frame breakers(See Q2C for the replacement Powerpact Q frame catalog number).
NOTE: For 40 through 125 ampere requirements, the Q2M and new Powerpact Q Frame can be substituted with QO, by using the EZM125QOA adapter kit and a QO, QO-VH or QOH, 40 ampere through 125 ampere, tenant circuit breakers. 

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