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Is a Ring Tongue Terminal Kit for UL 1077 C60N available?

Product Line:
Multi 9 C60 UL1077 or IEC rated


Want to terminate the wire using a ring terminal on the breaker.

Yes. Catalog No. is 17400 for one pole (2 terminals and 2 shrouds). This can be used on the UL1077, and the C60H-DC UL1077 rated breakers and any IEC rated C60 breakers. It can not be used on the UL489 240Vac or 480Vac breakers. These have to be ordered from the factory with ring terminals.

The terminal screw shields (MG26981), terminal covers and interphase barriers cannot be used in conjunction with the ring tongue terminal kits.

• Torque for ring tongue into box lug: 30 lb-in. (3.4 N•m).

• Torque for ring terminal: 18 lb-in (2.0 N•m).

CTA-ID : 2000211
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