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9007WC1, 9007CLS1: How does this device operate?

How does 9007CLS1 and 9007WC1 works

Product Line: 
Limit Switches

9007 Limit Switches 

9007CLS1 is the limit switch. It has an integrated lever arm with a weight to change the state of the contacts. The contacts are normally closed. When the lever arm operates, the contacts open. WC1 is a reset weight and chain. This weight and cable are attached to the weighted lever arm so that, if the reset weight is allowed to hang freely, the contacts will reset. Operation of the assembly allows the WC1 to be guided by a vertical cable on a hoist or lift assembly. When the anchor point of that cable raises to contact the WC1, the counterweight and cable move up with that cable until the limit switch contacts open. This set of contacts can control the up movement of the hoist and will prevent overtravel in the up direction. When the hoist is lowered, until the reset weight can exert its full weight on the lever arm, the contacts will close, allowing future up travel, if desired.
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