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What Tenant Circuit Breakers were used with the older 200amp single phase(IN & OUT), EZM Branch devices, for example a EZM112200 or EZM313200?

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All the older 200amp EZM branch device catalog numbers that were single phase(IN & OUT), but of the current main bus design, like a EZM112200 or EZM313200 etc, used the old Q2M, Q2M-VH or Q2MH, 100 through 200 ampere, tenant circuit breakers. Some example catalog numbers for the old Q2M type, 200 ampere tenant breakers were Q2M2200, Q2M2200VH or Q2MH2200. BUT  the Q2M type have been replaced with the PowerPact Q-Frame which has the same footprint and can be used in these 200amp EZM branch devices. For catalog numbers see the current on-line digest section two or the FAQ system

NOTE: For 40 through 125 ampere requirements, the old Q2M(or the new PowerPact Q-Frame) can be substituted by using the EZM125QOA adapter kit and a QO, QO-VH or QOH, 40 ampere through 125 ampere, tenant circuit breakers. Example Catalog Number for 60 ampere - QO260, QO260VH or QOH260. BUT PLEASE pay attention to the Short Circuit Current Rating of the system for use with the EZM125QOA adapter kit.

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