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Can a QE2200VH tenant breaker in an EZM Meter Center be replaced with a QE2100VH?

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EZM Metering equipment

Tenant breaker


Yes, BUT keep in mind, the lug orientation is different between the larger frame QE2200VH and the smaller frame QE2100VH. The lugs are oriented out the ON end (top) of the QE2200VH, while the lugs are oriented out the OFF end (bottom) of the QE2100VH. You must place the QE2100VH with the ON position up, OFF position down. Also, since the QE2100VH is a smaller frame than the QE2200VH, you may question covering the the vacant space created. The cover, once replaced on the device, will cover the QE2100VH exactly the same as it covered the QE2200VH.

NOTE: THE QE Tenant breakers are Obsolete, No longer available with No replacements.

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