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What would cause an Omegapak with a Digital Operator Interface (DOI) option to continuously run at low speed when in the follower mode?

Verify that the analog signal is being recognized (Status Screen 5, In#1 Sigl) by the DOI and that it is greater than the minimum speed.  If the display indicates solid zeros with no fluctuation, then the customer probably has their signal polarity reversed (manaul page 24).

Verify neither the DOI`s OR main control board`s maximum speed are not set to the minimum speed.  Both items MUST be checked (manaul page 29).

Verify wiring for automatic start signal is correct.  On units that do not have a DOI, this is usually a dry contact landed between terminals 89 and 91.  But when a DOI is installed, the auto start signal is a voltage on terminals 171 and 176.  Failure to energize these DOI terminals when in the follower mode will cause the unit to run at the main control board`s minimum speed (manaul page 67).

CTA-ID : 14081
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