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What are some concerns that would cause control supply fault on the ATV66?

This fault is taken off the CL1 & CL2 terminals which should be the same value as the line voltage. Need to verify that voltage is present at these terminals. If voltage is present here then need to check the control supply at the power board to see if it reaches this point. If not at power board then may have a filter board issue or auto transformer concern. If supply reaches the power board at terminals then would want to verify if have sufficient + 15v between terminals 5 & 4(-) on the J9 terminal block as well as -15v on terminal 4(-) & 3 of same J9 coming from power board. If supplies are not there then confirm that don`t have a bad current sensor that may be pulling down supply and causing fault. Also, if the frequency is not between 48.1 and 52.1 for 50hz line supply, and between 56.8 and 62.1hz for a 60hz line supply. If all else checks out fine then suspect have a power board issue.

CTA-ID : 13206
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