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Can the normal state of the XS sensor`s output be reconfigured to the opposite operation mode (i.e. open vs. closed or PNP vs. NPN)?

Whether or not the actual output can be reconfigured depends on the sensor in question. If the seventh digit of the catalog number is a K, the device`s output mode can be reprogrammed in the field. If the digit is any other character, is anything else, it can not be changed in the field.

An alternative to changing the output configuration is to use an interposing relay on the output of the sensor. This not only allow the user to choose the output configuration (e.g., normally over vs. closed), but based on the relay selected, it may provide the user with a higher current rating and multiple contacts. Additinally, if they have an existing sensor in the field, adding a relay may be more cost effective.

CTA-ID : 12753
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