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What is the difference between a plug-in and non plug in style XC Limit Switch device?

Identifying differences between Limit Switches

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Limit Switches

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Product Characteristics

Plug in devices have a 2 piece contact enclosure. The base contains a terminal block that accepts plug in stabs from the cover of the box. This cover contains a contact block that actually contains fixed and moveable contacts. Screws accessible from the front secure the cover with its contact block to the base. The arrangement allows 1 time wiring of the terminal strip. As contacts wear, the plug in device can be replaced as a quick turn around, no rewiring or removal of the base is required.

The non plug in style is available with and without connector. With a quick disconnect plug, the switch body can be removed and replaced almost as easily as the plug in style, except that the whole switch body must be removed and replaced. The non plug in style with connector will have a higher NEMA rating than the plug in style device. However, the plug adds cost. For lower cost, the non plug in device without the plug in connector is available. Without connector, the non plug in style requires rewiring of the switch each time the contacts are replaced. It does require more labor to replace, with corresponding increases in down time.

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