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What are the repair parts for a HU367 Series E4 Heavy Duty Safety Switch?

Design Repair Parts

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Repair parts


NOTE: This is a Non-Fusible Switch, so it will NOT contain a separate Load Base assembly, the load lugs are located on the Line Base assembly.

The parts listed here are the only field replaceable parts.
Line base assembly - 4401119850 (3-required and arc suppressor assembly is not included)
Arc suppressor assembly - 4401139450 (3-required)
Lug assembly - 4405005302 (1 required per base assembly)
Line base phase barrier - 4401119501 (2 required)
Line base insulating plug - 4401133901
Handle assembly - 4401139150 (Obsolete - replaced by 4401141351)
Door thumb retainer - 4405049001
Door thumb screw - 4405043401
Handle knob kit - 4028343550 (the black & red knob at the end of the handle)
Crossbar Insulator Kit - 4051275250 (note: the metal cross bar is not replaceable)

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