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How is a hard reset accomplished on an ATV66?<br />

A hard reset is not to be done on a unit under warranty!!
It will erase vital deta contained in the control basket and power board/gate card.

It is used to reset memory only if the drive and power board/ gate card are not communicating. Even with a hard reset it may not be possible to reconfigure the conponents.

To preform the hard reset,, follow the steps listed:
1. power the drive down, wait for the keypad to go blank.
2.. find the J10 connector - it is the connector that the I/O card plugs into down left side of control basket (facing the unit)
3. Jumper pins 1 and 11 ( do not touch any other pins.
( looking at the card in the up - right posision, the bottom lett hand pin is # 1 )
and so on.
11 12
09 10
07 08
05 06
03 04
01 02
4. power the unit up and let sit for 10 seconds.
5 power unit down, wait for the keypad to go blank
6 remove jumpers.
7. Power up drive

CTA-ID : 10690
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