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When making a change to a panel that has been user placed and submitting the panel to engineering, what must I do to insure user placement works correctly and the changes have been recorded?

1. Make changes.

2. Submit panel for processing.

3. Clear the ``SUBMIT USER PLACED`` checkbox on the Submit for Processing window and click OK.

4. When the panel comes back from the engineering server, click on Product Selectors and Line Item Edits. Then select Action and Device Placement.

5. Click NO on the ``Use User Placed File?`` window.

6. Re-do the user placement and save.

7. Submit for processing again.

8. DO NOT clear the ``Submit User Placed`` checkbox on the ``Submit for Processing`` window. Make sure the box has a check in it. Click OK.

Revised 3/10/04

CTA-ID : 10315
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