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What are the repair parts for the H324NRB, series F5 (may be shown as F05)?

Design Repair parts

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Applicable only to H324NRB, Series F5

The repair parts numbers for the H324NRB, series F5, are shown in the below list. These are the parts that can be replaced. Other parts are not replaceable.

The replacement parts for the H324NRB, series F5 (F05) are as follows. No other parts (enclosure, labels) are available.
Complete Line Base - 4056703050 - (requires one line base per switch - includes phynolic base, arc suppressors, lugs, rotor, switching blades, and fuse clips if applicable)
Line Base mounting screws - 4020546401 (requires 6 per line base)
Load Base Assembly - 4056677450 (requires one per phase - includes phynolic base, lugs and fuse clips)
Load Base mounting screws - 4020546401 (requires 2 per load base)
Arc Suppressor Assembly - 4053922001(requires one per phase)
Arc Suppressor mounting screw - 4020514501
Lug Assembly - 4025116251(per lug)
Lug Assembly mounting screw - 2140122240
Switch Mechanism - 4056678650 (also requires Interlock Shaft Gasket 4056786001)
Switch Mechanism mounting screws- 2299940562 (requires 2)
Handle Assembly - 4056663550 (requires handle gasket 4056603101)
Lockplate - 4056672101
Lockplate mounting screws - 2299940562 (requires 2)
Neutral Assembly - SN20A
Neutral Bonding Screw - 4028356651
Cover latch and spring - one each of 4056607201 (latch) and 4022304301 (spring)

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