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Do Low Voltage dry type Transformers provide electrical isolation?

Transformers are often called upon to provide electrical isolation between two sources of power

Product Line:
LV Transformers

Applies to Low Voltage Transformers by SquareD/Schneider Electric

Isolation Transformer provide isolation between the primary and secondary winding.  Autotransformers do not.


All of our standard Low Voltage dry type Transformers, except Autotransformers, are two winding Transformers. Any two winding Transformer that is not connected as an Autotransformer, either by the manufacturer in the factory or by the installer in the field, is an isolation Transformer. Electrical isolation is achieved by the electrical current in the primary winding causing magnetic flux in the core of the Transformer. In turn, the magnetic flux in the core induces electric current to flow in the secondary of the Transformer. Electrical isolation denotes that all of the electrical current flowing to the load is created in this manner. On the other hand, an Autotransformer only converts a portion of the electric current, with some of the electric current flowing directly from the source to the load.

Square D Digest listed buck boost Transformers are actually isolation Transformers that the installer field connects as an Autotransformer.


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