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Vigilohm XM300C Insulation monitoring device on a container vessel;<br />440VAC, f3-phase `floating` power system.<br />1) Does the XM300C apply a voltage between a single (or all three?) phase(s) of the power system and the ship hull. <br /><br />2) What is the impedance of the SM300C? What is the input impedance is for the range of 40KHz to 400KHz?<br />

1) XM300C apply a tension between one phase (only) and earth. This tension is of 6Vrms, for a frequency of 2.5 Hz limited to 5mA in current.

2) The impedance of the XM300C is of 22Kohms between 0 to 50 Hz. For the frequencies of 40 Hz to 400 Khz Contact Cedar Rapids product support group.

CTA-ID : 8778
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