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What does NRP mean on the Altivar ATV66 display?

NRP stands for No Run Permissive, indicating the unit has not been enabled yet. Applying proper power the terminal LI1 will enable the unit.

Verify if a 120 volt I/O extension board is installed. If so, the LI1s on the main control board and option board must both be energized to enable the unit. When using 120 volt control, the main control board`s LI1 is usually jumpered to the +24 terminal and the I/O board`s is used to enable / disable the unit. DO NOT MIX VOLTAGES!!! as the main control and option board are at different potentials.

If no I/O card is installed, the the user must make sure their is continuity between the main control board`s LI1 and + 24v.

CTA-ID : 7009
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