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Where should power factor correction capacitors be installed on 8606 autotransformer?

When power factor correction capacitors are used in conjunction with autotransformer reduced voltage starters, care should be taken to protect the capacitors from current surges. These current surges can be caused from the device during transition from the ``Start`` to ``Run`` mode. To eliminate the possibility of damaging the capacitors during starting, the following recommendations are given:

(1) Connect the capacitors on the ``Line`` side of autotransformer reduced voltage starters.

(2) Switch the capacitors on with a properly sized contactor using a time-delay relay to energize the contactor approximately 2 seconds after the transition to ``Run`` has occurred. The relay can be signaled from an auxiliary contact from the ``Run`` contactor of the autotransformer reduced voltage starter.

CTA-ID : 6512
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