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What did the Voltage Drop adjustment on the ATS23 pump version do? Why would it be used?

The Voltage Drop on the ATS23 pump controller allowed users more flexibility in controlling the stopping characteristics of the load.

The Voltage Drop was adjustable from 5 to 25% of applied voltage (i.e., the starter would `drop` to 75 to 95% voltage and the begin its ramp. On a stop command, the controller would immediately drop its output voltage to the level set by this potentiomter. It would then decelerate to a stop based on the ramp time and load conditions.

This functionality was beneficial for lightly loaded motors which did not appear to decelerate at all as lightly load motors required minimal torque / voltage to continue operation. Voltage Drop would be set low enough that upon a stop command, the voltage was low enough to begin the motor stall.

CTA-ID : 6376
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