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What was the ramp adaption on the ATS23 pump version intended for? How did it work?

The ATS23 pump controller was intended for applicaitons where deceleration time was critical (e.g., a check valve application). This style controller monitor its output voltage via a single phase transformer wired to two of its output legs with the secondary voltage fed into the control head.

On a stop command, if the motor voltage exceeded the anticipated voltage (i.e., due to regenerative power conditions), the starter would automatically extend its ramp, reducing its gating based on the measured counter EMF. This ramp adaptation reduced the chance of nuissance tripping or mechanical misoperation due to mismatched torque requirements.

The ramp adaptation had a potentiomter associated with it (Voltage Feedback) that set the rated motor feedback by scaling the signal from the transformer.

CTA-ID : 6375
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