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Did the 8804 drive have a Catch on the Fly Option?

Yes, a special main control board could be ordered which would provide true synchronous catch on the fly capability. A DC tachomotor or Pulse Tachometer (with a pulse to DC converter) would supply feedback to control board terminals TB 15 and common TB6 (with appropriate shileding). The voltage would be negative in relationship to common (-10vdc = 6-hz) and must be isolated. During a power dip with the run signal still present, the drive would stop gating at the commanded speed reference, immediately gate at the synchronous speed reference (indicated by the tach), ramp to the commanded speed reference, finally switching back when the levels were within tolerance.

The control board numbers were:
52011-511-50 is for 1-40hp CT
52011-511-51 is for 50-100hp CT
52011-511-52 is for 1-50hp VT
52011-511-53 is for 60-300hp CT
52011-511-54 is for 125-250hp CT

CTA-ID : 6359
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