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What is the suggested replacement for the obsolete Class 2510 starters with (LVP) Low Voltage Protection?

Need to replace a low voltage protection class 2510 manual starter

Product Line:
2510 starters with LVP (low voltage protection)

Products sold and used in the United States

Select a Class 8536 with the same number of poles, enclosure style and sized for the same horsepower as the original manual starter. Also, the coil voltage of the 8536 starter will be the same as the line voltage. This referred to as ``common control`` in the industry.

In order to achieve the same LVP functionality, the Form A must also be ordered. Form A is the addition of START - STOP push buttons which will provide 3-wire control. Three wire control provides a ``holding contact`` around the START button once the starter is energized. The holding circuit keeps the starter energized as long as line voltage is present or until the STOP button is pushed.

Example: 8536SBG2V06A

Class 8911

A more economical Class 8911 definite purpose starter can also be used as a replacement following the same guidelines outlined above, however, the enclosure styles available are limited. Also, on Class 8911 the holding circuit (N.O. auxiliary contact) is NOT supplied as standard and will have to be specified (X10).

Examples: 8911DPSG12V02AX10 (small 1-phase unit - general purpose enclosure)

8911DPSG33V06AX10 (small 3-phase unit - general purpose enclosure)


A GV2 manual starter using a low voltage dropout module could also be used to replace the Class 2510 Type M with LVP. Keep in mind that the enclosure and GV package will not be UL Listed and the enclosure is NOT NEMA rated. The enclosure ratings are similar to NEMA 1 (IP41) and 12 (IP55).
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