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Why does the motor not respond with increased torque when snipped resistor 251 in the 10hp Omegapak 8804 drive to allow for increasing the speed?

Explained that he increased the frequency but not the voltage. As the freq increases the voltage remains at 460V. Need to take into consideratioin torque type of load such as variable or constant and what desire by increasing speed. For example, usually variable torque is generally set to prevent this. If operate a pump above base speed the flow will increase, possibly overloading the motor or producing undesirable results in hydraulic system. Operation above base speed for constant torque is also unusual. Additional heat is generated with increasing speed above base and need to confirm with motor manufacturer if derating is necesary. Also have to set up to achieve a constant V/Hz ratio and consider motor type such as 230/460v to help determine how to get best operation.

CTA-ID : 4072
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