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What are the repair parts for an EZM3600CB, Series M01 main circuit breaker unit?

Previous design repair parts

Product Line:
EZM Metering 

Repair parts


Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Cover (full length) - EZM3600CBC
Circuit Breaker Cover (plastic) - BCM
Cover Screws - 4020513002K
Main Circuit Breaker - MHP36600 (Obsolete, no longer available with no replacement)
Handle extension kit ordered separately - AHEXLI (this is a handle extension for the Main Breaker handle)
Standard Lugs for Circuit Breaker (kit includes 1-lug) - AL900MA
Alternate Lugs for Circuit Breaker (kit includes 1-lug) - AL800MA7
Neutral Lug (kit includes 3-lugs) - MMLK500
Alternate Neutral Lug (kit includes 3-lugs) - MMLK250
Bonding Strap - 7329696750
Mounting Channel - 7329654301
End Closing Cap Kit - EZMCAP
End Closing Cap Kit (Right Side Only Shallow) - EZMSCAP
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