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What are the replacement enclosure parts or sheet metal part numbers for a ventilated transformer in enclosures 17D through 31D? What about those for non-ventilated 17E through 31E?

Enclosure parts for ventilated units are listed on page 12-11 of the Digest 173.
For non-ventilated units, the cover, sides, and base are shown on page 12-11; for the front and rear, contact your local Square D Field Office for quote (the Field Office will contact LVGP TAG).
To select the appropriate part, the transformer`s enclosure number must be determined:
1)  from information in the selection pages of the Digest 173, or
2)  by using the dimensions of the unit in the customer`s possession and comparing that with the information in the Digest 173 on page 12-10, or
3)  may obtained from Customer Service by requesting the drawing of the CURRENT design via the LVGP XFMR Drawing Request e-mail address and, again, matching that information with that on page 12-10 of the Digest 173.

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