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What does the suffix H5 mean on a sensor?

H5 is a Telemecanique internal manufacturing code identifying the destination market for the product. H4 designates United States, so that products will be built for that local market , and, where applicable, dimensions using English units of measure. US and Canadian standard threads, pressure fittings and conduit entry will be included. This suffix is normally not included on individual parts ordered for Square D, but is added to the entire order as a blanket. H1, H2 and H7 were originally intended for the Canadian market, H4, H5 and H7 for the US. H11 - H13 are corporate identifications in the US, H11 for Grainger, H12 for Clark, and H13 for Westinghouse.

Currently, H codes are being replaced by specific part numbers on some products.

Be aware, however, that H suffix on 9001K operators is a contact block configuration and has an entirely different meaning.

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