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Can multiple SDM5DE Ethernet Hubs be used to provide a LAN with more than 5 connected devices?

Yes. To expand the network, use one of the ports on the first SDM5DE and connect to the ``Uplink`` port of the expansion SDM5DE.
* When connecting the Ethernet Hubs, use only a ``straight-through`` Category 5 or 5E jumper with RJ-45 modular plugs.
* DO NOT USE a ``cross-over`` cable.
* When using the ``Uplink`` port on an SDM5DE, you cannot connect a network device to the port next to the ``Uplink`` port.
* The cable length between two Ethernet Hubs cannot exceed 100 meters (328 feet).
* All Ethernet Hubs must be individually powered.
* Additional Ethernet Hubs may be used as long as the path between any two network devices does not exceed four hubs and five cables.

CTA-ID : 2135
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