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Is there a way to tell if an SDSA1175 or SDSA3650 Secondary Surge Arrester is still good and functioning?

The current design of the SDSA1175 and SDSA3650 (designated Series 001) have integral LED indicator lamp(s). The LED(s) illuminate when the device is connected and functional.
NOTE: The LED lamp requires 208Vac to 240Vac between the two black leads of an SDSA1175. Therefore, on a two-wire application the LED will not light for normal operation.
Devices manufactured prior to this design did not have LED indicators. For these devices, examine the case of the surge arrester. If there is no evidence of physical damage, such as bulging or cracks in the case, the surge arrester can be considered functional. There are Surge Arrestor Test Sets specifically designed for testing surge arresters. A standard ohmmeter is not designed to test a surge arrester.

CTA-ID : 754
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