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What is the handle tie for QO, QOB and QOU breakers?

What handle tie does Square D offer for QO, QOB and QOU breakers?

Product Line:
Breakers installed on QO load centers or NQ, NQO, NQOB, NQOD panelboards

QO, QOB and QOU circuit breakers

•Catalog number QO1HT will tie 2 single-pole handles together. 

See instruction bulletin, 40271-902-05.

•For 3 three-pole breakers, use QO3HT.  The three-pole handle tie will fit on the QOU, but the padlock attachment will not fit on the QOU Series 3 (low-amp frame). The padlock attachment will work on the QOU Series 1 in the 100-amp frame however. 

See instruction bulletin, 48840-181-01.
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