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What are the repair parts for the H464AWK, series F5? (may be shown as F05)

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switch H464AWK, Series F5

The repair parts for the H464AWK, series F5 (F05) are as follows. No other parts are available.
Complete Line Base - 4056703750 - (requires one line base per switch - includes phynolic base, arc suppressors, lugs, rotor, switching blades, and fuse clips if applicable)
Line Base mounting screws - 40205-464-01 (requires 12 per line base)
Load Base Assembly - 40566-782-50 (requires one per phase - includes phynolic base, lugs and fuse clips)
Load Base mounting screws - 40205-464-01 (requires 2 per load base)
Arc Suppressor Assembly - 40566-775-50 (requires one per phase)
Arc Suppressor mounting screw - 40205-145-01
Lug Assembly - CL20F (incl. 6 lugs - requires mounting screws below)
Lug Assembly mounting screw - 21401-222-40 (per lug)
Switch Mechanism - 40567-401-50 (also requires Interlock Shaft Gasket 40567-860-01)
Switch Mechanism mounting screws- 22999-405-62 (requires 2)
Handle Assembly - 40567-468-50 (requires handle gasket 40566-031-01)
Lockplate - 40567-467-01
Lockplate mounting screws - 22999-405-62 (requires 2)
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