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What is the part number for the Altivar ATV66 ribbon cables?

There are 4 different ribbon cable kits. They include the J3, J4 & J5 ribbon cables that connect the control basket to the powerboard.

ATV66U41N4 to D12N4 = VZ3N601
ATV66D16N4, D23N4 = VZ3N613
ATV66D33N4 to D79N4 = VZ3N615
ATV66C10N4 to C31N4 = VZ3N616
ATV66U41M2 to U90M2 = VZ3N601
ATV66D12M2, D16M2 = VZ3N613
ATV66D23M2 to D46M2 = VZ3N615

CTA-ID : 7150
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